The Milovia products are designed and produced entirely in our workroom, in Poland. They are made of fabrics, which are the result of very effective cooperation with the leading companies in the Polish textile branch. It is why we are confident, that the products we are handing over to you, are excellent and of the highest quality, which has always been our main goal. We work hard into bringing a product, that will be not less, but entirely satisfying to you and your children. The design, the functuality, the esthetics are aspects to which we pay great attention. That is why the Milovia products guarantee long lasting satisfaction of use.

Do look into our Nappy ABC! This is where you will find all about the various methods of natural nappy change and the answers to most frequently asked questions.

On our offer:

- ONE-SIZE pocket nappies with the microfleece lining, one fits most newborns to potty ( 3.5-16 kg / 8-35 lbs )
- ONE-SIZE pocket nappies with the Coolmax lining, one fits most newborns to potty ( 3.5-16 kg / 8-35 lbs )
- ONE-SIZE nappy covers ( 4-16 kg / 9-35 
lbs )
- Small size nappy covers, with newborns in mind ( 2.5-7 kg / 6-16 lbs )
- Microfiber absorbent inserts in various sizes to diapers
- Microfiber absorbent inserts with microfleece in various sizes- perfect for the nappy covers.
- Microfiber soaking inserts with Coolmax in various sizes - perfect for the nappy covers and pocket nappies.
- Wet bag, universal size.

In our production we use fabrics which have the following certificates:

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